Lee Ann Polonus

Licensed Massage Therapist (Healing Tree Therapeutic Massage)

Massage Sessions

Massage Sessions

30 Minute Target Area  $40

 1 Hour        $80

80 Minutes  $95

90 Minutes  $110

Prenatal Massage  $90

Balancing Touch $55


To meet your massage needs at the time, the Sessions offered above will consist of, or include a combination of the Modalities (Styles) described below:


Swedish Massage - long relaxing strokes using circulatory and lymphatic movement towards your heart, which facilitate the release of tension in the body.  Can be light or deep and is used to produce increased relaxation and rejuvenation! Calm/Energy 

Deep Tissue Massage - deep compression of the muscles and soft tissues which releases stress, increases relaxation and enhances movement, flexibility and muscle metabolism.  Deep tissue massage is a great means to 'break-up' adhesions (knots!) and separate 'stuck together' muscle fibers, helping to alleviate pain caused by chronic or acute conditions.  Alleviate Pain!

Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage, Tui- to 'push' and Na- to 'grasp' the tissue.  Includes finger pressure and holding to help bring a balance back into the body. 

Myofascial Release- technique focusing on releasing muscle shortness and tightness (involves holding techniques).

Neuromuscular Therapy - a form of deep tissue massage where appropriate steady pressure is applied to painful points in muscles (may or may not refer pain to other areas in the body).  Treatment of these areas can relieve the pain and promote tissue healing.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage -  A flowing, vibrant, while deeply relaxing massage, Lomi Lomi incorporates four strokes that create a mesmerizing treatment.  Benefits include a better sense of well-being, improved circulation, stress relief and a more unified body and mind.

Prenatal Massage - Provided after the first trimester.  This is a general massage using specially designed body cushions to provide relief and comfort to expectant mothers!  A note from your doctor is required.

Balancing Touch Aromatherapy Massage - Pure Grade Essential Oils are applied to the body sequentially, along the spine and feet.  Find a deeply relaxed state with this treatment.  Four systemic areas are affected, providing Stress Relief,  Immune Support, Anti-inflammatory benefits, and Balance!  Pure Peace!!





My Mission:    To Return your Mind, Body and Spirit to a place of Ease and Connection...